Volunteering in Analog

Are you part of the ITU community? Join us as a volunteer barista at Cafe Analog! We invite applications twice each year—August and February, coinciding with the start of each semester. Stay updated on our social media platforms and ITU’s information screens for more details.

About Cafe Analog

Our diverse team of ~80 students and faculty from various majors, nationalities, and ages, is dedicated to making Cafe Analog a warm, welcoming "hygge" spot at ITU.

As an egalitarian organization, we elect a new board every semester. However, all members, including the board, begin as volunteers, ensuring equal footing within our community.

Volunteer Expectations

Volunteering at Cafe Analog is rewarding yet demanding. We seek reliable, enthusiastic individuals to join our team. With around 80 members, collaborative improvement is key. You'll have the opportunity to propose ideas and work alongside your peers to enhance our operations or "hygge".

Volunteers primarily take on barista roles, involving weekly shifts of ~2 hours. Other roles include shift planning, inventory management, event organization, and financial oversight. All volunteers undergo barista and kitchen training.

We use Basecamp for communication and expect active participation from all members.

Benefits of Volunteering

As part of our community, you'll interact with diverse ITU members, engage in social activities like petanque, mug painting, and mini-golf, and participate in café-hosted events.

Volunteers enjoy free black coffee/tea at all times, and, during their shift, free fancy drinks! You'll also get discounted prices on fancy drinks (any espresso-based coffee, chai, cocoa, and matcha). Additionally, you’ll have access to the café during vacations and exam periods, one of the coziest places to study.

How to Apply

Interested in joining Analog? Click the button below to apply.

Application Suggestion

Consider submitting a video/presentation/song/whatever you'd like to share your ideas, projects, or even a joke. This is your chance to let your personality shine and demonstrate your suitability for our team. Remember, by applying, you acknowledge your understanding of the commitments required as an Analog member.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.